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Sun Jisheng is nearly 50 year years old, double hair on the temples already had white hair, wearing leather shoes of baby blue shirt, black, sitting position is overcautious, maintaining all the time sit up, tell arisen when experience pitch personally.

Discussing when the public rub do obeisance to, when Ofo obtains financing a few rounds, it is to serve to always install Inc. of communal bicycle system at the Changzhou of communal bicycle domain likewise (next weighing: How to always go) IPO(will make public collect first on August 7) , plan to raise money 644.4 million yuan of RMBs, many people call his share bicycle the first.

And Sun Jisheng is the president that how always goes, come out as what always bring travel IPO news, its oneself also are compared before more attention.

Sweet the tower of ivory grows in university of cropland of life early rice

Sun Jisheng, entered electron of river sea university 1988 instrument and measure technical major to learn.

In Sun Jisheng’s brain, the impress that university of sea of alma mater river leaves him has 2:

It is university of early rice cropland, build at the beginning of the school at that time, so periphery is a rice field, and the first their thing to campus is to unplug careless, although spit groove at that time ceaseless, but nowadays als爱上海同城手机版

o becomes good memory.

The 2 food that are campus, the meat dishes at that time is to be restricted of the portion, everybody cooks with him cooking utensils in the dormitory simply, be in harmony of its Le Rong. These added a lot of pleasure alive for the undergraduate. Of course, sun Jisheng also is taken an active part in in student activity, he ever was the reporter that student union publicizes ministry minister to hold medium echelon formation concurrently, that time, publicizing placard is the draw that use a hand completely, rely on him brushstroke brushstroke to be drawn completely. Sun Jisheng most those who take great pride is, in the design that he still participates in school auditorium lamplight by right of his specialty. These experience, make individual ability got huge promotes.

University period, it is Sun Jisheng reads most eagerly when. The library at that time although holding volume is not very large, but he still is read against time. This paragraph of time, also be he armed with knowledge truly oneself brains.

Abandon factory of go into business of iron rice bowl-a secure job closing down capital catenary ruptures

Sun Jisheng often is his struggling process appearance the process of mountain-climbing, this kind of process is a kind of malcontent sufficient current situation, a kind of curiosity, the process of a kind of exploration to future. When Sun Jisheng graduated 1991, as in those days outstanding graduate and student union controller, he forgoed the opportunity that works to system of national irrigation works, went an instrument and meter plant the cooperative of villages and towns of this locality of a Changzhou.

Why to abandon iron rice bowl-a secure job choosing go into business? Sun Jisheng says to the reporter, some of technology is done to innovate in the enterprise.

In instrument and meter plant, the job that he pursues is professional very speak or sing alternately, the job got be admissived rankingly.

Hypostatic economy business survives euqally in different times hard, 1993, instrument and meter plant manages go from bad to worse, rupture without catenary of order, capital, did not pass how long, this factory closed down. Thi爱上海同城论坛

s is Sun Jisheng works the first times.

1994, year only Sun Jisheng of 26 years old established oneself company division new gold gets stuck, advocate of door lock of battalion magnetic card, IC card door lock make, treatment, rely on loan 200 thousand yuan begin to do poineering work.

Electronic lock business is not lukewarm not fire harvests the happiest days in life however

1997, sun Jisheng got stuck to establish as legal entity as new gold of natural person partner, division lock of new electron of division of the 2nd company, this company advocate business Wu is office building of user of hotel, apartment, residence, office to offer electronic door lock, after business covers research and development of product of series of electronic door lock, design, production, installation, carry out, main product includes switch of controller of hotel electron door lock, entrance guard, elevator, induction to wait, the client includes front door of apartment of student of Chinese front courtyard, Beijing University, Beijing to found a state garden of mouth of home of land of restaurant, Shanghai.

Nevertheless, till 2015, the net gain that division new electron locks up just 1.69 million yuan, total assets is 31.42 million yuan. Sun Jisheng says, this market is not big.

The business that division new electron locks up is in not lukewarm not igneous ground is undertaking, sun Jisheng is recollected, 2006 – 2010 when, it is the happiest days in his life, he is liked dozen of tennis and swim, often play a ball game with the friend, whenever holiday, can take family to go out together travel, the time of weekday company family is very much also Saturday.

Till 2010, sun Jisheng established how t爱上海同城

o always go. Have stake lock of electron of communal bicycle need, they experience the chance of bicycle market.

Sun Jisheng values a bicycle to give quotations field, he thinks communal bicycle regards a city as the slow travel, main component that shares public transportation system, have the characteristic such as environmental prote上海夜网

ction of convenient and green low carbon, quick, economy, solving embrace wait for a respect to produce main effect, for the citizen the traffic issue of last kilometer offerred effective solution.

One day drives on 1000 kilometers visit 45 towns

2010, he is 42 years old, body state has done poineering work as first time.

He abandoned lying fallow, the person that accompany the home travels more not actual, outside having 300 one year many days to be in, be away on official business, only 2016 he by air the frequency has 260 for many times, sometimes one day drives on 1000 kilometers, visit 45 towns.

The person arrives middleaged and new do poineering work, the friend big heterogeneous beside persuades, why do sth over and over again, his forced smile. When establishing how to always go上海千花网交友

at the beginning, sun Jisheng thinks, if year of business income of the company amount to 50 million yuan, special satisfaction. How to always take all right now appear on the market batch of article, small countless of business large volume, land capital market have more than 3000 only.

Poineering initial stage, he often is away on official business everywhere, to pattern of trade of governmental promotion, speech, but block is very large, because and other places of the Beijing Olympic Games before, Wuhan is communal bicycle failure case is too much.

Hangzhou is the city that home values communal bicycle earlier. Department of Hangzhou general hand over to the collective or the state is in at rising on May 1, 2008 north of scene area, city, city on the west inside limits with public transportation head end station is core, with上海龙凤论坛

scenic spot area, village, businessman, square establish many pilot divisions for node, set point of 62 services that rent a car. After a year, service dot achieves 799 namely, free bicycle gross achieves 20000. Citizen 1 it is by bike in the hour free. The success of Hangzhou is pilot the support with the government, hearten the confidence that Sun Jisheng extends communal bicycle.

2011 is the hardest hour, this year, how to always carry on all right Nantong, carry on is promoted, and other places of elder brother hill, Wu Jiang, Changshu is communal bicycle project.

According to Introduction Sun Jisheng, the safe examination that always installs communal bicycle to 5000 operation administrator is in charge of car and maintenance.

Initiate avoid cash pledge to say to put an influence on urban image without foreword with bicycle beginning

Sun Jisheng also pointed out the problem that shares bicycle when accepting media to be interviewed publicly, he says to share bicycle main obstacle is not to have order government, unmanned dimension to protect, old finally car nobody reclaim (reclaim cost tall) , affect urban figure and communal environment.

Although Sun Jisheng realizes a lot of problem that shares bicycle existence without picket, push relevant project in discretion so. Last year November, sun Jisheng tries water in Chengdu go ahead of the rest, begin to put a few notting have on picket bicycle, join war situation of the bicycle that do not have picket formally, spread to the Xian Yongan of just a little such as Beijing, Shanghai to have the urban area that communal bicycle has not cover stake all right subsequently.

As we have learned, how always go share bicycle to be able to pass a hand the secret is piled up or mobile phone blue tooth opens a lock, every half hours 0.5 yuan, sesame seed credence avoids cash pledge 600 minutes, initiated avoid cash pledge to use the beginning that shares bicycle. Sun Jisheng ever stated in open circumstance he is right the view of cash pledge, share bicycle truly to ought not to accept deposit, of detain gold sharing bicycle is bogus shares economy.

Up to 2016 year end, the city county that always installs a system to enclothe (basically be 3 wait to 5 lines city and circumjacent county, township) control for 210, accumulative total builds site of about 32 thousand communal bicycles, put about 890 thousand communal bicycles on lock car implement equipment, the member that ride guild makes an appointment with 20 million person, the platform on its central line registers a member left and right sides of 7.5 million person.

Of only profit share bicycle company income to originate government and company

Go 9 years, although share bicycle to obtain rapid development through the financing, kind that cooks money, the inaccuracy of pattern of Dan Jiying profit suffers bad-mouth all the time surely. Be worth what carry is, how had always realized gain all right, manual of raise capital by floating shares shows, 2014 – 2016, how to always realize 68.3 million yuan respectively all right, 93.36 million yuan of net gain that reach 116 million yuan, be the only profit with public visible data share bicycle company.

From its advocate in light of business Wu, main component sells mode income for the system (the design of bicycle system, research and development) , income of mode of systematic operation service (the operation that provides a system and management, include bicycle day-to-day operation and attemper etc) , the user pays cost to share income of bicycle business income, business driving stay away from home 4 board piece, among them before two board piece business income holds 99.8% business income share of company, from this knowable, income is not the business of the company to basically originate user, originate however government or company. In the before 2016 5 big clients that show according to the company, among them at least two be subordinate to belong to government organization unit, include management center of communal bicycle of Wei lane city (administration of government of city of Wei lane city executes the law bureau) , place of general management of town of city of elder brother hill. But such profit pattern to rub do obeisance to, Ofo burgeoning share bicycle for, imitability is not had inside short time.

The management train of thought that Sun Jisheng goes to always be being installed, profit pattern that cuts and did not come to those who develop a tendency to decide without picket bicycle to having stake, appear to shared bicycle industry to bring a few think, dan Yongan can go much further all right, whether is its mode able to last, return those who remain to expand continuously to share bicycle market examine.

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